SGV website entry


Your Council has been having discussion regarding the use of passwords and usernames for the website. Some SGV members have been having the not uncommon problem of mislaying the username and password and as a result are not using the site. Obviously with the amount of work which goes into maintaining the site, we are keen to make life as easy for SGV members as possible.


One suggestion which was put forward was whether members could use a self-chosen and well-remembered one rather than use those issued by SGV Office.


We could obviously get it done professionally but this would cost SGV cash and with a relatively small membership this would be relatively expensive.


There are a number of ways members can be helped at no expense to your Society:


1.      Status quo.


Settle for what we have in place at present and keep the username and password in a separate Word/Excel file or even post-it (latter certainly not recommended). In the event of forgetting them, you can always obtain them from the SGV office at


2.   Use your own username and password.


It is now possible to add your own specific usernames and passwords to our server protection to allow access without using the one issued by SGV.


Members can e-mail me their request for their own selected username and password and I can set it up using our existing site security. Some people are concerned that this would allow me to see those as members may use also them for other sites. This is a fair point but most sites which are of a financial nature have other layers of security questions and in addition we are encouraged by internet security experts not to use the same entry data for every site.


3.   Save the password if using Internet Explorer (IE) as browser.



Alternatively to allow the browser to remember all your passwords go to:


  1. Save the password if using Firefox as browser.

(Firefox is generally considered a much better and more secure browser than IE.  You

can download it free of charge at



Alternatively to allow the browser to remember all your passwords go to:

·         Tools/options/security/passwords then

·         Tick box ”remember passwords for sites”

·         “OK”


5. Password storage programme


      Comodo is one of a number of free programmes which you can download onto your pc. I use this for everything and it's extremely good. Details at:


This programme allows you to enter passwords and usernames as well as the corresponding URL into a simple database. When you select that URL, if have ticked this option, you are automatically taken to that site. The username and password are automatically entered when you use our site, although sometimes with other sites with more sophisticated security you need to enter them manually, but the programme reminds you what they are.


The entire database of your passwords is protected by an encrypted password of your own choosing which will appeal to those of us concerned about internet security.


The other advantages of this programme are that you can enter the password and username for both the members’ and committee areas of the SGV website, if appropriate, and is also a useful alternative to favourites for storing your favourite sites.


Clearly not all the membership has to use the same method for handling of the passwords and usernames.


Anyone who wants further assistance on any of the above - as usual just email me at


Mike Harvey

November 2008